Why You Need Promotional Products in 2023

There are several reasons to expand your brand awareness with promotional products in 2023. In today’s economy, the best businesses know how to use social media and digital marketing to achieve greater customer traffic. There’s plenty of data showing why that works, but did you know the same is true for physical promotional products?

Why You Need Promotional Products in 2023

Check out this concrete evidence that shows why promotional advertising still offers such a reliable ROI.

How Many People Use Promotional Products?

The first thing you should know is that promotional items like shirts, cups, mugs, pens, and bags reach a multitude of people. How many? Market research suggests that about 28% of consumers have exposure to these items every day, and 81% of consumers keep promotional products for at least a year.

Whenever someone keeps a hat, sweatshirt, or ink pen with your brand on it for at least a year, they won’t forget your business. The only remaining question is: where do you go to dish out low-cost items to people to gain maximum brand exposure?. The answer – basically anywhere!

The nature of your business may dictate the best giveaway opportunities. Obviously, if you run a physical business location, it’s smart to hand out a few freebies close to the front of your store. You can also mix free promotional items into your mail-marketing program. Some businesses even have success giving away shirts or bags to their employees.

Why Are Promotional Products So Effective?

Once again, the data is pretty clear on how promotional products are an effective way to build a friendship with potential clients. At a minimum, it’s a nice gesture, which folks will appreciate. That’s because roughly 70% of people feel happy or enjoy receiving a free item of any sort.

Then, about 80% of consumers say that their opinion of a brand improves after receiving a free promotional gift. Finally, this strategy has the potential to improve brand loyalty by 24%.

What Are The Best Promotional Items for Your Brand?
What are some of the best items to use for boosting brand recognition?

  • Apparel – t-shirts, baseball caps, golf shirts, polo shirts
  • Tech Items – phone chargers, laptop sleeves, headphones, pop sockets
  • Bags – gift bags, grocery bags, wine bags, backpacks
  • Drinkware – coffee mugs, beer mugs, tumblers, coasters
  • Writing Instruments – ballpoint pens, gel pens, electra pens, stylus pens

Since it’s so easy to do as little or as much as you want with apparel or techware advertising, you’d be remiss not to at least try it. If you want to learn more, then 3D8 Promotional Print is at your service. Contact us anytime to find out how to brand your business better in 2023 by calling 941-924-6699.

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