What Does Swag Bag Mean, and What Should You Include In It?

If your company is preparing for a networking event, you want to make sure your business stands out and makes an impression. One way to do that is by giving out swag bags. Learn what a swag bag is and what items you should include in the bag by reading on.

Swag is an acronym for “stuff we all get.” At a networking event, swag is a promotional item passed out to attendees as a form of advertising. Your company can create a swag bag, which is a bag filled with appealing items that can help your business create a lasting impression. Some examples of swag bag items include snacks, branded pens, tech accessories that feature your companyโ€™s logo, and so on.

Branded Bags from 3D8 Promotional Print

The goal of a swag bag is to entice event attendees. Whether you have a booth set up at an event or your company is passing out products during a presentation, you want guests to desire the bag and the items in it. Not only will this attract more attention to your company at the event, but if attendees use your branded products in their day-to-day life, that can help advertise your business to a wider demographic.

Swag bags are the adult version of goodie bags. While goodie bags are filled with candy and toys, swag bags are filled with things like free samples, drink bottles, tech accessories, and other unique promotional products. The key to a swag bag is branding these items. Putting your company’s logo on a keychain, tumbler, or pop socket can help you get the word out about your business, while also pleasing network-event attendees.

The first step in assembling a swag bag is selecting the bag the items will go in. You can design a custom branded tote bag to hold the items. Not only are the items inside cool, but the bag itself can be reused. Once you’ve crafted your branded tote bag, you’re ready to fill it. At 3D8 Promotional Print, we offer a wide range of promotional products you can customize to impress at your next networking event. Some examples of the products we offer include pens, face masks, business cards, cups, key chains, and more.

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