Utilizing T-Shirts for Effective Marketing

If you grew up in the 1990s, then you’re more than familiar with Pinky and the Brain. The two laboratory mice whose genes were altered were bound and determined to take over the world. (Well, at least Brain was.) One of their schemes, in particular, involved the manufacturing of a paper mâché replica of earth, that the world’s population would leave their homes to populate. Brain’s scheme does work, in the beginning, thanks to what he refers to as the “most powerful force on planet earth” …free t-shirts. While this was just a cartoon, Brain was onto something. Utilizing t-shirts is one of the most effective marketing strategies you can implement. Here’s why…

Branded Tshirts

More Than a Uniformed Look

Think of some of the more popular brands you buy from. You can usually spot them a mile away because of an eye-catching logo. A company shirt with an eye-catching logo can build a sense of community and solidarity among employees. Customers who wear your shirt out in public instantly create advertising opportunities. The right design will create sales, so be sure to put your thinking cap on. The best ideas often start with the simplest of concepts…all you need is an idea.

Using Custom Made Shirts to Market

Ok, you have a custom shirt to design…you and your team have ideas, but you’re not sure if you’ve found the right one yet. Never underestimate the creativity that emerges from the competition. Get your customers involved. Have a design contest, you’ll be surprised what people will come up with during the competition. Getting involved with your customers is a great way to utilize t-shirt marketing. Once you have a design, consider doing a giveaway for loyal customers.

Another way to get your message across is to get involved with your local community. Little League teams, charity events, pairing either with a shirt giveaway or sponsoring a benefit that helps the community is a great way to build a bond with the same people you want to market your goods and services to, and besides, giving back is how communities grow stronger.

Where to Go

You have an idea, a design, or an event. You might have all three and are ready to get a run of shirts to help spread the word of your business. Now, there’s only one place to go — 3D8 Promotional Print. Specializing in screen printing, embroidery, design, and promotional items, we’re the last part of the equation that will net the results you want. Visit us online at www.3d8usa.com for a quote, and allow us to help you win.