The Benefits of Screen Printing

There’s no question that marketing today is a completely different world than it once was. The digital marketplace has revolutionized how businesses reach their customers. However, that’s not to say that older methods are outdated and unreliable. This is very true when it comes to screen printing. As one of the oldest trades in the world, this practice dates back to roughly 900 AD in several Asian countries. The practice reached the west in the early 1900s and is still widely used today.

An Effective and Easy Process

While the term of the practice is rather self-explanatory, the process of screen printing is even simpler to explain and involves three easy steps:

  1. Creating a Stencil Once a design is formulated, it’s printed on translucent film and then placed upon a mesh screen to dry and harden.
  2. Placed Upon a Printing Press Once the screen dries, it’s placed upon a printing press with an item such as a T-shirt. The ink is then placed through the open areas of the stencil which imprints the design upon the desired item.
  3. CuringThe items that have the design imprinted upon them are then placed through a dryer and any excess ink is removed.

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Benefits of Screen Printing for Your Business

This tried-and-true method can be very beneficial when it comes to creating promotional items for your business. Marketing has changed, but finding inexpensive and practical ways to promote your products and services will always be in style and effective.

  • Versatility While screen printing is mostly used for shirts, the design can be used for a variety of items with your logo. Tote bags, jackets, sweatshirts, coasters, etc. If you have a design handy, you can leave your mark on almost anything.
  • Cost-Effective You have to spend money to make money. If you decide to utilize screen printing for your business, you won’t be spending very much. Printing in bulk can provide you with a sizable inventory of promotional items to get your name out there.
  • Quality Despite its cheaper than average price, screen printing results in high-quality items that other methods don’t measure up to.
  • Vibrancy & Efficiency Bright colors and catchy slogans make a noticeable impression on potential customers, more so than other marketing techniques. Utilizing a screen-printing service can be one of the best allies you have in the marketing world.

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Screen printing is an art form, one that can help your business get on the fast track to success. At 3D8 Promotional Print, we provide the necessary services available to provide you with the best promotional items. For more information and quotes, visit us online at

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