The Psychology Behind Effective Promo Product Campaigns

By 3D8 | August 8, 2023

In today’s competitive business landscape, connecting with your target audience is more crucial than ever. With various marketing strategies at your disposal, finding the right approach to engage and captivate your audience can be challenging. One such effective strategy is utilizing promotional products – tangible items imprinted with your brand logo or message – to … Read more

Building Your Brand with Promotional Items

By 3D8 | July 29, 2023

The world of marketing has changed drastically over the years. And while several new strategies and methods exist to build your brand and advertise your products and services to an intended demographic, the intention has remained consistent. Building brand recognition is the goal of any business owner, and one of the best ways to achieve … Read more

The Importance of Promotional Products

By 3D8 | June 15, 2023

Have you considered how critical it is to have promotional materials for your business? As we’ve discussed previously, there is a solid body of research showing the efficacy, bang-for-your-buck, and genuine ROI you’d get for them. In short, promotional items like cups, t-shirts, and business cards can put your brand image all over the place. … Read more

Unlocking the Power of Effective Promo Products

By 3D8 | May 30, 2023

As a business owner, you’ve probably noticed that some of your marketing strategies are more successful than others. Have you ever wondered why that is? Here are why some promo products work better for your audience. One of the reasons some products work better than others is because some products are better suited for different … Read more

The Perfect Events for Promotional Items

By 3D8 | May 10, 2023

The business world is constantly evolving by several leaps and bounds. And while many of the ways in which we reach potential customers and an intended demographic change each year, the desired results are still very much the same. Brand recognition is what allows you to grow and generate a significant profit margin. And one … Read more

What are the Ways Custom Merchandise Strengthens Workplace Culture?

By 3D8 | April 28, 2023

Most of us know that custom merchandise increases brand awareness and makes a company more recognizable to others. This is because it provides customers and potential clients with something tangible to remember a company by. Yet, were you aware that custom merchandise, or company swag as it is commonly known, is an excellent tool to … Read more

The Essential DOs and DON’Ts of Custom Apparel

By 3D8 | April 13, 2023

The rules of marketing have changed considerably in recent years. With social media having a more dominant presence in our daily lives and the digital age dictating how many things are done, getting your brand recognized is still the name of the game. And one of the best ways to gain more recognition is through … Read more

Let’s Talk PR Packages

By 3D8 | March 31, 2023

PR packages may be the perfect solution if you’ve been looking for a way to get more customers interested in your product or service! Sending a customized bundle of what you create not only spreads awareness of your company but can boost sales as well! 3D8 Promotional Print is here to help you with all … Read more

Crafting the Perfect Shirt for an Event

By 3D8 | March 15, 2023

Don’t be just another face, or shirt, in the crowd! Stand out from your business rivals and get the attention for your company that you deserve. Handing out personalized shirts with a graphic design that represents what you want to convey are fantastic souvenirs for your audience to take home. Creating a catchy one-of-a-kind shirt … Read more

Screen Printing Benefits You Need to Know

By 3D8 | February 27, 2023

Screen printing is a great way to get your logo on a wide variety of products to promote goods you’re selling or services you provide! The more people see your name, the more likely they are to call when they need something! 3D8 Promotional Print is a company of experts working to help you promote … Read more