Let’s Talk PR Packages

PR packages may be the perfect solution if you’ve been looking for a way to get more customers interested in your product or service! Sending a customized bundle of what you create not only spreads awareness of your company but can boost sales as well! 3D8 Promotional Print is here to help you with all of your promotional printing needs so that you can start sending out perfect PR packages.

PR Package 3D8

First things first, what exactly is a PR package? To effectively utilize this strategy, you’ll want to put together a collection of products from your company and cater exactly what you include to suit your target audience. The hope is that whoever receives the package will then promote your brand and encourage others to do the same. Think of it as sending a gift to an influencer who thanks you by writing a review of their free products! If they don’t enjoy the product, they don’t have to post about it or review it at all as there is no agreement or obligation.

One of the main benefits of sending out PR packages is how much you can increase your social media engagement. We all spend a ton of time on our phones and scrolling through social media. Seeing your favorite celebrities and influencers using a new product can definitely encourage browsers to purchase what you’re selling.

The more often a company or product is seen, the more likely a consumer is to trust and try it. Increasing your brand awareness is vital, especially if you’re just starting. Offering discount codes that are specific to influencers can make your brand feel more high-end and enticing.

Since celebrities and influencers have no contractual obligation to review or post about their PR packages, customizing them is a great way to make your package stand out. Try things like including handwritten notes in each package you send out. Include the name of the recipient and a quick explanation of your brand, and make sure to thank them! If you want to take it a step further, add in some personalized merch like a customized mug with their name and your logo! Including useful items that they’re sure to use will help improve the chances of them promoting your brand.

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