Let 3D8 Market Your Business with Custom Corporate Apparel

Shakespeare once asked his readers “what’s in a name?” While this is a rhetorical question with no definitive answer, name recognition means quite a bit in the world of marketing. Especially if you’re a business looking to grow your individual brand and reach the proper demographic. So, there’s quite a bit in a name—and 3D8 Promotional Print can help you reach your ideal customers courtesy of our printing services and custom apparel.

3D8 Promotional Shirts

Advertising on the Backs of Others

One of the ideal goals of any business is to establish brand recognition among a selected demographic. A logo…a slogan…both can reach many when they’re utilized in a way that makes them noticeable. A great way to accomplish this is by placing either one or both on one of the best promotional items for any business…the tee shirt. It seems simple, right? That’s because it is. A simple image that catches the eye becomes instantly recognizable to the average consumer. A catchphrase that accompanies said image will engrain itself to just about anyone who happens to read it by chance or on purpose.

One of the secrets to using promotional materials in marketing is making something that people will use. Shirts are good because everyone needs clothes. If they’re stylish enough and have the right imagery and slogan, people might wear them more often than you think they might. This turns anyone wearing one into a walking, living, billboard. It’s free advertising that you can count on being seen by at least 5 to 10 people every time it’s worn. Word of mouth when accompanied by free advertising can increase customers and revenue in a short amount of time.

Choosing the Ideal Combination of Slogan, Logo, and Design

You might not be an expert on the psychology of color schemes and how the human brain responds to them. You don’t need to be. Just by engaging your employees and trusting your better judgment, you can find out what catches the eye and what sets your product apart from the sea of competitors. Your employees and friends are a focus group who possess a well of untapped potential.

Asking the everyday person what appeals to them will generate positive returns in every which way.

3D8 Promotional Print

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