Key Reasons to Add Promo to Your Business

Adding promo to your business is one of the fastest ways to watch it soar to new heights. It takes just a modicum of design and strategy, but it’s an easy way to receive a terrific return on investment.

Why is adding promo to your business important, and how do you do it effectively?

Key Reasons to Add Promo to Business

Key Reasons to Add Promo to Your Business

One of the fastest ways to promote yourself is to give away free stuff. There is a ton of data that shows how well this works. The power of promo is pretty immense considering how 94% of people enjoy receiving free stuff, and 99% of customers who get promotional products hang on to them.

Would you like somebody to keep or share those free items with your business image on them?

Of course, you would. After all, 90% of people remember the company that gave them promo items. Therefore, they might ALSO remember to shop for the goods and services you’re offering.

How Promotional Printing Works

Follow these simple steps to develop an outstanding promotional advertising system.

Make a Logo and Put it on Everything

  • Does your business have an awesome logo yet? If not, it’s easy to make one by partnering with a talented artist, which is easy to find on websites like Fiverr. Once you have your perfect business logo, try to put it everywhere: digitally, around your store (if applicable), and on promo merchandise.
  • That last part is our specialty at 3D8 Promotional Print, where we help clients get their logo on cool giveaway items like pens, cups, mugs, bags, and even tech items. The whole point of putting your logo on everything is to saturate as much space as possible with that image representing your brand.

Develop Eye-Catching Display Kits

  • Display kits work well if you own a business with a physical location. All you have to do is assemble some of those promo items (maybe a notebook, pen, and mug with your brand on them) into a kit.
  • Next, display them somewhere near the front of your store (this is also a great place to do your giveaways). Then, if you’re really smart about it, you can mix in some of the best merchandise you wish to sell.

Create Both Traditional and Non-Traditional Promo

  • Some promo items have been around for a while, while there are also some more innovative things to try. The proven traditional promo items include pens, bags, and t-shirts, whereas the non-traditional items like tumblers, phone chargers, laptop bags, and hoodies.
  • Variety is the best approach, but, of course, some things cost more than others. We’re always happy to help you find the best promotional items within your company budget.

3D8 Promotional Print can help any business (large, medium, or small) maximize their brand with simple, affordable, yet extremely effective promotional materials. There’s nothing better than building your company with something as simple as a promo mug or tote bag. You can learn how to get started with us by calling 941-924-6699.

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