Incorporating Promotional Products into Your 2022 Marketing Calendar

It is wise to include promotional products as a component of your game plan. You need to coincide particular items with chosen time frames of the year, occasions you will attend or host, or special promotions that your company wishes to endorse. 3D8 Promotional Print explains how to incorporate promotional products into your marketing calendar for 2022.

Incorporating Promotional Products into your 2022 Marketing Calendar

Grab Your Calendar

Jot-down significant dates to remember on your business calendar. Note all meetings, events, fairs, and such, for up to the next 12 months.

Pinpoint Promotional Products

Select promotional products that relate to your field and intended marketing campaigns. For example, travel tumblers are terrific choices during cool weather. They will come in handy when potential clients are on the go. With the logo right there at hand…literally…your business will come to mind as a thoughtful corporation. Canvas tote bags are great giveaway items in the warmer weather. Whether they will be utilized while shopping at grocery stores or at the beach to carry dry clothes and accessories, people will feel as though they were given something substantial as a courtesy from your company. Sports bottles are ideal as promotional items throughout all four seasons. Many people are in the habit of bringing reusable sports bottles with them wherever they go; therefore, your logo on each bottle will be visible not only to the person holding it but also to others in the immediate vicinity. Shirts that feature business logos are always a big hit as promotional products during marketing campaigns.

Mind Your Budget

Be certain that you stay within your allotted budget prior to buying a large number of promotional products. Itemize the costs of your entire marketing campaign so that you are aware of the money that you can designate towards purchasing advertising merchandise.

Plan Optimum Distribution

Lastly, you need to create a concrete plan regarding the way you will distribute the products. Try to estimate the number of guests expected to attend a given event to get an idea of how much promotional material to bring. Save any extra giveaways to utilize at future events.

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