Ideal Items for Tradeshow Giveaways

The trade show—it’s one of the best opportunities for your business in terms of reaching new clients and marketing your products and services. One of the best ways you can accomplish this is by offering several giveaway items with your logo, not only will this make anyone who receives one familiar with your business, but if they use it in the presence of someone, it’s essentially free advertising. But which items are best for such an event? We’ve compiled a list of our favorite picks.


Tote Bags

There’s a reason why you’ll see this item on several lists such as this one. The secret to a great promotional item is one that A) people will have a use for and B) displays your business prominently for others to see. Tote bags at a trade show are some of the best items that accommodate both needs. Someone’s going to need something to carry off all those freebies in, and a tote bag with your business logo is the perfect advertising method.

Reusable Water Bottle

What goes good on the go? H2O! A water bottle is incredibly useful and one of the best marketing tools to aim at those who love fitness or just staying hydrated. Much like a tote bag, a water bottle is something that’s useful and can provide free advertising.


One of the advantages of manufacturing pens with your business logo is that they’re relatively cheap to manufacture, so getting a bulk order will be relatively inexpensive. You can hand these out with reckless abandon to everyone you see. Pens are something that’s always useful, always needed, and always a great way to get your name out there.

Hats & T-Shirts

We couldn’t decide which one of these we liked best, so we gave them both a spot on our list. While the rules and strategies for marketing are constantly evolving, one thing’s for certain—never underestimate the power of free apparel. The words “free t-shirt” have more power to them than you might realize, and people are always all too eager to acquire free swag.

Know Your Audience

When selecting your giveaway items for a trade show, consider what the theme of the show is. If it’s geared towards younger people, consider items such as earbuds, if it’s an older crowd, you might want to consider luggage tags or lip balm. Knowing what demographic you want to reach makes all the difference.

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