Crafting the Perfect Shirt for an Event

Don’t be just another face, or shirt, in the crowd! Stand out from your business rivals and get the attention for your company that you deserve. Handing out personalized shirts with a graphic design that represents what you want to convey are fantastic souvenirs for your audience to take home. Creating a catchy one-of-a-kind shirt for a business happening takes imagination that is brought to life on fabric. 3D8 Promotional Print offers helpful tips to think about when crafting shirts for your next event.

Customized Shirts Sarasota

Establish the Meaning Behind the Shirt

Establishing the reason behind the shirt’s creation is the very first consideration before moving forward with any of the artwork. As a wearable advertisement, its message must be visible and straightforward so that everyone understands its meaning. The customized shirt will serve as a reminder of your business to anyone who wears it and to others who see someone wearing it.

Create the Design

Once you’ve figured out the message you wish to convey, the graphic can be selected to reflect the shirt’s intended purpose. Make sure that you choose a complementing color for the actual shirt so that it will not overpower and take away from the graphics. In this case, opposites definitely attract so that the graphics boldly stand out for all to easily see. Stay away from anything too busy or complicated, or else you will have people guessing what the graphic is supposed to represent. It is paramount to make sure the message is direct and easy to understand rather than vague and confusing.

Suggested Guidelines for the Artwork

There are a few basic rules to follow for artwork on clothing. Although it is not always mandatory to stick to certain guidelines, dismissing them altogether may lead to the print not turning out as it should and therefore could compromise the integrity of the graphic’s appearance. Using Pantone colors which consist of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black, are the ideal ink hues to choose for optimum printing quality on apparel.

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