8 Great Ways To Promote With Awesome Custom Apparel

3D8 Promotional Print knows how critical it is for businesses to capitalize on every possible advertising avenue to boost their branding. You won’t experience the right success without a comprehensive marketing strategy. Therefore, we want you to consider these 8 creative ideas for your business’s custom apparel.

Great Ways to Promote Your Business

Make A Great Logo

One of the most useful tools in your branding arsenal is a spectacular, eye-catching logo. You should make this your top priority because it’s exactly what some of the most successful businesses have done in recent decades.

Put Jokes & Quotations on Your Apparel

Some of the best-selling merchandise includes jokes and inspirational quotations. They’re extremely popular on apparel, but you’ll even see them get lots of “likes” on social media pages. Why not leverage that to your advantage by including a funny joke on a coffee mug next to your brand image?

Incorporate Seasonal Designs

You’ve probably seen the Coke company do this the best with its Christmas advertising. If you can harness the seasonal vibes, you’ll be a big hit with your targeted audience.

Celebrate Special Events

People love to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, new babies, and a whole lot more. Again, this is another mechanism you can tie into your apparel designs.

Advertise Your Most Important Services/Promotions

One of the most important things you can do with branded apparel is use it as a call-to-action (CTA) for your hottest products and services. Even if it’s something akin to putting “Eat At Joe’s” on a t-shirt, you’re bound to get decent ROI from it.

Boost Corporate Solidarity

If you’re running a business with at least a few employees, you can bolster company spirit and camaraderie with company hoodies, book bags, or even coolers. Employees love a nice freebie occasionally, and whenever they leave work, they continue to help you as a walking advertisement.

Boast of Big Achievements

It’s common for industrial companies to celebrate big accomplishments like safety feats by printing t-shirts to celebrate.

Promote Philanthropic Work and Charity Involvement

It always helps to associate your business with charitable groups and events. Whenever you co-host an initiative with a charitable organization, you can leverage the good publicity with apparel commemorating it.

3D8 Promotional Print does the highest quality screen printing for all kinds of neat apparel. We can help you better promote your business with customized designs on bags, drinkware, tech items, and even writing instruments. We cover it all because we know how effective this type of marketing is for brand visibility. Call us to learn more at (941) 924-6699.